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321_activate's Journal

321 Activate oh my
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The members of 3-2-1 Activate! found each other throughout years of cutting their teeth on the underground rock circuits of the Midwest. Having played together on different bills with their other bands, and upon discovering a shared passion for all things eccentric in the world of music, they decided the next logical course of action would be to get together and see what happened.

Whether you feel at home in a rock n' roll concert, a dance club, or bouncing around to something a little left of center, 3-2-1 Activate!'s music will blur the lines and boundaries you stood behind making it a little easier to let down your guard, and rather just let your hair down and let loose.

Kevin Gibson: Vocals

Rob Kleiner: Guitar/Keys

Trevor Erb: Bass/Keys

Jeff Enokian: Guitar/Mallets

Chris Wiken: Drums

Combined they areeeeeeee: