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Welcome to the community! Here's some Activate tour dates:

Oct 27 2005 8:00P
The Double Door Chicago, IL
Oct 29 2005 9:00P
Viele's Planet Springfield, IL
Nov 4 2005 9:00P
Grinnell College (Gardner Lounge) Grinnell , IA
Nov 5 2005 9:00P
The Reverb Cedar Falls, IA
Nov 9 2005 9:00P
The Setlist Warrensburg, MO
Nov 10 2005 8:00P
Hairy Mary's Des Moines, IA
Nov 11 2005 9:00P
The Annex Madison, WI
Nov 12 2005 8:00P
The Warehouse LaCrosse , WI
Nov 17 2005 8:00P
Rhino's Bloomington, IN
Nov 18 2005 7:00P
Skelletone's Grand Rapids, MI
Nov 19 2005 8:00P
Legacy Terre Haute, IN

Now get people to add this to stay informed, gossip, talk about shows coming up, all that shit.
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Rhinos... i loves me some rhinos... im totally gonna go...
Rhino's is a great venue, beats the fuck out of the Emerson but everyone knows how i feel about the emerson.
yeha... the emerson is alright...but everyone there seems sorta uppity... i like rhinos... its laid back.... and not so huge... heh.
If I still lived in beloit I'd be at at least two of those shows.
Wish I could travel. Need some southeast tourdates added.
they need to come play here. san antonio.
i'm thinkin the show on the 29 is worth makin the trip out.. then i can catch s8bb in chicago the next night, make a weekend of it. last trip there got cut short anyway.

now should i drive or fly? hmmm.
drive! it's cheaper and more adventerous.
road trips are tremendous i was just on one that lasted a couple weeks. did you know there's a town in missouri called cooter? hehe. but me driving depends what kind of car i end up with...if it's my friend's 92 mustang i may just be better off flying. i don't really want it to die somewhere in the middle of indiana. that would suck.
yes!! we passed cooter on the way to columbus, MO buwaahah.

yeah being in indiana is bad enough...but DYING there...geeze.
hehe i meant the car. but yeah dying in indiana would be pretty bad.

my friend and i took pics with our trip mascot gus the penguin (we liberated him from a garden center in austin) by the welcome to cooter sign. got some pics of a school bus and their water tower too. pretty much anything that said "cooter" on it.

i swear i'm mature... really! hahahaha.